Can't believe…

How can PMM shut how can PMM shut how can PMM shut!!! Where should I go and find Megaman stuff in the future?

Last time I have this feeling maybe is the time I knew NT was going to be shut. Of course PMM can be so important to me, but I still shocked when I read the Phoenix’s letter(the master of PMM). I know there is no eternal thing on internet, but I didn’t expect it left me so fast.


The far I left you, the fast I want to run.

If you in a world I can’t in anymore, I don’t want to cry but just say goodbye. Hmm, maybe without a goodbye.

Just murmur, don’t mind:P


I can’t stand can’t typing Chinese!!!!


I saw one guy use X as his avatar in our university forum. Maybe another MM fan?

That one:

6 thoughts on “Can't believe…

          1. – -NES不是红白机- -||||红白机是FC罢。。。(貌似)



  1. – -华丽无差别PIA!!!!


    T T暑假拼了无数RM。。。


    RM 7尚且不难!!!!只要有FORTE打就什么也不难!!!!!!!!吼!!!!


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